Arthur Anderson

Arthur is a spiritual warfare strategist who helps Christians all over the world understand the true battle going on around them, develop strategies to defend themselves spiritually and shows them how to pray tactically against the enemy.
Originally from South Carolina, Arthur was called into the world of Hollywood for over five decades.
Facing dangerous locations, 18-hour workdays, unpredictable weather, and all kind of work conflicts around the world...
He became a man of prayer.
Not only for his own protection but for his crew. God opened his eyes to the battle that was being waged, and after facing tremendous illness in his family, he knew spiritual warfare was at the center of it all.
This led him to research spiritual warfare, demons, and going back through scriptures with new eyes to see how Christ faced the devil and won.
After graduating from the International School Of Exorcism, he felt led to share his knowledge with the world.
That's how the My Prayer Warrior™ App was born. So anyone, anywhere, can access the words to claiming their authority in Christ and coming against strongholds to take them down once and for all.




  • What is spiritual warfare?
  • Who is affected by spiritual warfare?
  • How people may use spiritual warfare when evil comes to their front door and upon them on the street?
  • How does this spiritual warfare manifest in the entertainment, government, business, and family realms?
  • How do we defend ourselves, our families, and others in this battle?
  • How is it that the outcome of this war already been predetermined?





Arthur fully supports + donates to Samaritans Purse, an organization dedicated to helping people all over the world with food, supplies, shelter, healing and so much more.